It has come to our attention that an individual is selling under our name in the Tampa area. This individual is not affiliated with Quality Computer Service Inc. at all, and furthermore our evaluation of his systems leads us to believe that they are of very low quality. We have also contacted Microsoft who is to look into the validity of the software distributed with these systems. Also AMD K6 II 500 systems are not Athlons as this individual has marketed. Anyone with any complaints should contact the Better Business Bureau, or if you wish to verify your software contact Microsoft at Many thanks to PC Doc for bringing this to our attention, and for helping expose the bad traders that can give the rest of us a bad reputation. I am sure that PC Doc, like Quality Computer Service Inc. is dedicated to giving a higher degree of quality and service to customers. Residents of the Tampa area can contact PC Doc at (813) 928 8373 for quality systems and service as well as items seen on this web page.