Field Technicians

If a piece of equipment goes down, our technicians can be right there to either get it back on-line fast, or if possible install a substitute while yours is repaired at our depot or at the manufacturers.

Preventative Maintenance

Quality Computer Service also offers a preventative maintenance service which can resolve problems before they affect your computer system in a drastic way. This will ensure your computer stays running crisp and cool. These procedure include the re-seating of components, removal of dirt accumulated by the cooling fan which can not only increase internal temperature but can also be corrosive. Also the software environment can be checked, the registry for example, and the updating or installing of anti-virus software. The most important part however is communication with the operator, determining any quirks or bad operator habits before they become a major issue.


Quality Computer Service is an authorized service center for many major manufacturers. This allows us to deal with any of your warranty issues for you. Whether its on site, depot repair or manufacturer repair, just contact us and we can take care of all the red tape, which means you just bring it to us and we return it to you.

The Right Tools for the Job

Being manufacturer authorized means if the manufacturer has the parts in stock, we can get the right parts faster than most. We have full support manuals and documentation as well as manufacturer tech support should we need it. It all boils down to having all the resources at our command to get the job done.